Friday, February 4, 2011

Door to door organics

Since our CSA subscription ended in October we have been getting our organic veggies and fruit through a new service called Door to Door Organics. They are based in Chicago and their product are not necessarily local ( for obvious reasons) but they have multiple advantages:

  • they deliver right to your doorstep ( which in this weather is a huge plus for me).
  • you can choose many different box sizes AND you can customize the contents of the boxes weekly: this means you can substitute some of the items for other items that are available, obviously the choice isn't unlimited.
  • you can place your box on hold or suspend or cancel your subscription at any time for any reason.
  • the price is reasonable: from 26.99 up to 40.99. We get the "small mixed" box and it is PLENTY for us for 33.99. I compared the prices of the organic items at the store and theirs are lower.
  • you get both fruit and vegetables ( but you can also choose only one or the other).
  • They also offer additional item that you can add to your box by shopping online through their website, like cereal, bread, canned goods etc. all organic and all at prices that are comparable or less than the store and are delivered at your doorstep.
Every month we get to invite 3 friends and they get their first box with a 50% discount, so if anyone is interested just contact me and I will be happy to give you my coupon.
We had a very good experience so far, all the produce was in perfect conditions, the amount is perfect for us and even putting items on hold was very easy. We are still thinking of rejoining a CSA in the summer, because we would like to have local produce again and thus have the freshest possible vegetables with the smallest possible carbon imprint, but we are not sure we are going to subscribe to the same CSA or try a new one, so we are opened for recommendations and suggestions!

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